We all are aware that mother nature needs healing to restore to its original state. Trees are the medicine that can not only heal mother nature, but can transform the way we look at the world today.

Benefits that we receive by planting a tree!

  • Trees are our best friends serving us unconditionally by providing food, shelter, oxygen and many more.
  • They heal and clean air and help restore environment, lost forests and repair the whole ecosystem.
  • Large urban trees help filter urban pollutants and fine particulates making the air cleaner to breathe.
  • Planting more trees helps us to maintain healthy soils and humidity level in the air.
  • They help us to save our soil and protect us from flooding
  • It will keep our environment cool. Placement of trees in urban areas can cool the air between 2-8 degree celsius.
  • Mature trees help in increasing water quality and enrich the soil with nutrition.
  • They are source of food and income for many in the future.
  • They help us to reduce greenhouse gasses and natural carbon sinks.

Our target is millions of trees to be planted in communities all over the world to boost our nature, health and wellbeing. We can restore our environment for the future generation through this noble work. This is a project for like-minded people from all over the world, led by charities, communities and organisations who share the same vision to make a change. If each person plants a single seed, we can make a huge difference. We welcome you all to come and join us to help us for this great project.

Plant a tree and invite and encourage others to do the same. Tag us in your social media posts #HFSW #hunger_free_saimaa_world