Embark on a Journey of Serenity and Support a Worthy Cause with Our Fundraising Meditation Services.

Learn Powerful Breathing Techniques: Explore the profound impact of conscious breathing on your mind, body, and overall well-being. Our experienced facilitators will guide you through various techniques designed to enhance relaxation, reduce stress, and increase mental clarity.
Embark on a Meditative Journey: Immerse yourself in a serene meditation practice, allowing you to cultivate a deep sense of calm and self-awareness. Through guided mindfulness exercises, you will experience moments of inner stillness and tap into your inner wisdom.
Support Tree Plantation Efforts: Every donation and participation contributes directly to tree plantation initiatives in Finland, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and the Philippines. Together, we can combat deforestation, preserve our environment, and create a sustainable future for generations to come.
Empower Young Lives: Your generous support will also help improve the lives of young underprivileged children. By providing essential resources, education, and support, we can give these children a chance for a brighter future.
Join us for this meaningful fundraising session, where your personal growth intertwines with social responsibility. By attending, you not only enrich your own well-being but also become an active catalyst for positive change. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a real impact! Reserve your spot today by writing to us at info@hungerfreesaimaaworld.com.

Price List

1h Session in group

Group Harmony in Finland: 1-Hour of Gentle Body Stretches, Deep Breathing, and Guided Meditation.


Private Online 1h session

Indulge in a Personalized Online Meditation Experience on Zoom: A Blissful Hour of Private One-on-One Session. Enjoy Gentle Body Stretches, Deep Breathing Exercises, and Guided Meditation.

1h Online Session in group

Embark on a Transformative Online Journey: 1-Hour Group Session on Zoom for Deep Breathing Exercises, and Guided Meditation.

Energising 30-Minute Session

Ideal for busy adults, this 30-minute group session offers deep breathing exercises accompanied by a concise guided meditation, perfectly tailored for your needs.