Empowering people to get involved in saving our planet and serving souls in need!

For the past seven years, as individuals at Hunger Free SaiMaa World, we’ve been contributing to society in our own unique ways. Our journey has involved sharing food, offering shelter, planting trees, spreading love and care, lending a listening ear to those in need, sharing our time, and teaching meditation and breathing exercises, just to name a few.

In 2022, we came together, uniting our like-minded passions to make a significant impact on society. It was during the summer of that year that the concept of Hunger Free SaiMaa World was born. We officially registered ourselves as a charitable association and continued our various activities under this new umbrella.

Until 2021, we had been funding our initiatives from our own savings. However, we realised that for our vision of creating a substantial positive change in the world to become a reality, we needed to welcome more like-minded individuals who could contribute what they had in abundance.

Our team is spread across international borders, with our primary location based in Finland, one of the world’s happiest countries. Our aspiration is to spread the joy we find in the pure and unspoiled nature of Finland to the rest of the world. SaiMaa, a beautiful lake in Finland, serves as an inspiration due to its serene beauty. Additionally, the name SaiMaa holds a special place in our hearts, as we also refer to SaiBaba as SaiMaa. This duality in the name SaiMaa provides us with two distinct yet equally meaningful sources of inspiration.

Our work is profoundly guided by the teachings of two Spiritual Guides: Mohanji and SaiBaba (SaiMaa). They are not just influential mentors but our revered Gurus and spiritual masters. SaiBaba, an Indian master who left his body in 1918 and Mohanji, a renowned philanthropist and humanitarian, who has dedicated his life for the betterment of humanity. Mohanji’s guidance has been instrumental in shaping our mission. His wisdom and teachings are the driving force behind our selfless efforts.

Mohanji is a friend of the world, a person trying to raise the awareness of generations from selfishness to selflessness. His mission is to wake up kindness in the hearts of people. To know more https://mohanji.org/who-is-mohanji/.

He is inspiring the world through his books https://mohanji.org/store/

Sai Baba of Shirdi, also known as Shirdi Sai Baba, was an Indian spiritual master and fakir, considered to be a saint, revered by both Hindu and Muslim devotees during and after his lifetime. To know more https://sai.org.in/en/history

A Display at Helsinki Vantaa Airport Finland

The beauty and serenity of Lake Saimaa in Finland